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ChordSpace (original)

ChordSpace Playa is now deprecated
User ID: hol@petrcane.com License Key: AC3C-FFA0-EA44-1B80-288C



Using ChordSpacePlaya in SONAR 5.2:

1. From the SynthRack, insert the sound module you wish to output to. (I was using Dimension & 4Front Piano Module.)
2. From the SynthRack, Inset ChordSpacePlaya; be sure that "Enable MIDI Out" is checked in the insert options, or right click on ChordSpacePlaya in the SynthRack and check it there.
3. In TrackView, enable "Input Echo: On" buttons on both the module and CSP MIDI control tracks.
4. In the MIDI control track of the sound module, navigate to the MIDI Input - CSP will be displayed along with your other MIDI input devices. I've set mine up for CSP/Omni. I have yet to try sending the CSP to multiple inserts across multiple channels.
5. Instant music.

> To record CSP.(There are two ways to go about this.):

1. Follow steps 1 through 5.
a. Enable the "Record" button on the CSP MIDI control track. This will of course, simply recording your input notes; thus, on playback, CSP will still being doing it's work in realtime. But this is good for first laying down the chords, then going back and recording the melody.
b. Enable the "Record" button on the sound module MIDI control track. The output of CSP would be recorded into the sound module MIDI control track as you played it. (I haven't actually tried this in real-time, but in theory it should work.)
3. Press Record. Record your masterpiece.
3b. If you used the "a" method to record your CSP MIDI control track and want to render the MIDI notes, simply use the "b" method to record the CSP output during play-back.
3c. When the CSP output rendered to the sound module MIDI control track, for playback, be sure to turn off/un-wire the CSP from the sound module, otherwise you'll be duplicating the MIDI data controling the sound module.

+ After installing CSP, be sure and (re)scan your VST directory. If you installed CSP *before* you installed the SONAR 5.2 update, be sure to "Rescan Existing Plugins."
+ The CSP Primary Out isn't being used for anything as near as I can tell, but needs to be there for control purposes. You could easily minimize or hide the track. (This track would be the audio out of the VSTi if CSP produced sound.)

Thanks to Puffer for this info