What is it?

ChordSpace is a midi plugin. In order to work it needs to be routed into a Vsti or Dxi style software instrument.



What does it do?

It generates chords when you click on these things Ė which I call hexagrams.

Why do they look like that?

The middle hexagon generates a 7th chord of some type. The outer buttons generate tensions (9thís 13thís etc.) on top of the 7th. The button between the labled tensions plays both itís neighbours. The one shown here is playing a 9th and a 13th on an Eb major 7. So each hexagram can play seven chords and there are 31 hexagrams.

Thatís a lot of chords.

More than you might think. Thatís just in one key (E flat in this this case).

If you select another key from the circle of fifths you get a different set.

Why are they grouped like that?

Theyíre arranged according to Jaaath harmonic theory. Iíll get round to an explanation soon. If youíve got enough theory to know what a ii-V-I or a IV-V-I progression is, it should be obvious.

Regardless of your level of theory, just clicking around is quite inspirational.

But how do I use it?

Any way you like.

Have fun.